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POLARx Procedure Workflow

Lesson Features

Module: 3 | POLARx Croablation Procedure

Prerequisite: None

Assessment: Yes

Certificate: Yes

Duration: 45 minutes

Lesson Details

This lesson aims to explain the techniques to gain access to the venous anatomy and the left side of the heart.

This lesson aims to provide procedure workflow for the POLARx system.

Complete the lesson content and then take the knowledge check to assess your understanding.

The learning outcomes tab provides details of the required level of understanding.

This lesson provides learning on the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • POLARx System and Materials

Cryoablation Procedure

  • POLARx Procedure Overview
  • Task 0 | Case Preparation
  • Task 1 | Patient Preparation and Access
  • Task 2 | POLARSHEATH Preparation
  • Task 3 | Deliver POLARSHEATH
  • Task 4 | Setup POLARx and POLARMAP
  • Task 5 | POLARx Preparation
  • Task 6 | Advance POLARx and POLARMAP into the left atrium
  • Task 7 | Occlude the Targeted Pulmonary Vein
  • Task 8 | Setup Accessory Monitoring Equipment
  • Task 9 | Ablate Targeted Pulmonary Vein
  • Task 10 | Resheath POLARx
  • Task 11 | Removal and System Shutdown
  • Post POLARx Case


  • Summary
  • References

On completion of this lesson you should be able to:

  1. Explain the current protocol for cryoablation and the requirements before your first POLARx case.
  2. List the BSC and hospital required single-use and reusable materials and equipment needed for the procedure.
  3. Describe the tasks and steps for the POLARx procedure from lab setup to system shutdown based on POLARx IFUs.
  4. Recognise the key differences with current cryoablation systems.
  5. Describe best practices in the field and current user recommendations.

The questions within the lesson are there to help you with your understanding and will not be scored. On completion of the lesson, you will then be able to take the knowledge check. This knowledge check is comprised of six multiple-choice questions.

In order to complete this lesson, you will be required to achieve a score of 80% for either assessment.